The genius of the Showtime Super Six world boxing classic is that in throwing together the best fighters of a division you will create super-fights that might never have happened or taken months of negotiation to put together.

That genius will show fruition on April 17th next year when Nottingham’s iron man; WBC world super-middleweight champion Carl Froch travels to Denmark to defend his crown against the recently deposed former two-time WBA super-middleweight king Mikkel Kessler. If ever two fighters were perfectly matched it is this one. This could be the tear-up of 2010.

Froch is undefeated as a pro, with 26 wins, 20 inside the distance . Kessler has won 42 (32 ko´s) against two losses, the first against Joe Calzaghe in 2007 and the second last month against Andre Ward in the first round of the Super Six tournament. Kessler was the pre-tournament favorite, but the young American was a revelation, out-boxing the Dane throughout the fight. An accidental head-but in the eleventh opened a bad cut over Kessler´s left eye which took the fight to the scorecards, with Ward the clear winner on points, establishing himself overnight as a serous threat to win the whole competition in the process.
In Froch´s first round match, he squeaked past another young undefeated American; Andre Dirrell, on a split decision in an awful fight in Nottingham. Dirrell ran all night and Froch couldn’t catch him.
 Froch is 6´1´´ and 32 years old. Kessler is the same height as Froch and two years younger. Both men can box, but both – Froch in particular, like to go to war. They can both take a punch and they can both dish it out. Kessler is the bigger single shot hitter, but Froch is heavier handed in general. By that I mean that there isn’t much difference between a Froch jab and a Froch hook. His jabs are hard!
This will be what the Americans like to call a ´´pick ´em“ fight, one that could go either way, and end in any way. Currently, both men are 5/6 to win. Froch has shown that he can travel abroad and win, as he did against Jermain Taylor earlier this year when he went to Connecticut and stopped Taylor with just fourteen seconds left on the clock despite being behind on points. Kessler will be smarting over losing his crown to Ward, and will be fighting in front of his home fans.
Froch´s promoter Mick Hennessey was confident of the outcome;
´´We’ve confirmed a date of April 17th for the Kessler fight. It will take place in Denmark and will be on at around 10pm in the evening UK time which is great news for British fight fans. It’s going to be an absolutely massive event and it should attract a huge audience. It’s an incredible fight between two of the world’s best and most exciting fighters. Carl proved with that sensational KO over Jermain Taylor that he can go into the lion’s den and beat the very best in the world and I’ve no doubt he’ll prove that again against Kessler.“

If I had to make a prediction right now, I would go for Kessler, possibly by a kayo inside five rounds. If that seems harsh, remember the Zale v Graziano fights? The first two of that trilogy only lasted six rounds each and yet they were all out wars. This fight could be a modern day Zale v Graziano.  
The reason why I would pick Kessler is that because Carl Froch is so brave and so game, Kessler won’t have to go looking for him. Froch will be right in front of him. Carl isn’t hard to hit, and he can be hurt. Taylor floored him in the third round of their fight. Kessler is a sharpshooter, he punches fast and accurately, and he he hits harder than Taylor. Plus Froch has a bad habit of carrying his left hand very low. Kessler could hit the canvas himself in what will be thriller, but Froch´s style might just be perfect the Dane. 
One thing is for certain. The longer this fight lasts, and the more bombs they exchange, all they will succeed in doing is softening each other up for Andre Ward and Arthur Abraham.
Big Fight Odds; Froch 5/6, Kessler 5/6 Sky Bet